Freitag, 21. September 2012

Free SF/F E-Books am 26./27. September

Die Aktion für kostenlose phantastische E-Books wird diesmal am 26. und 27. September stattfinden. Einzige Vorraussetzung: Sie sind in englischer Sprache verfasst und dieser sollte man gut genug mächtig sein, um die Bücher lesen zu können.
Bei den teilnehmenden Autoren handelt es sich um sogenannte "Neo-Pro" SFF-Schriftsteller aus dem Codex Writing Workshop", wie mir von einer Teilnehmerin übermittelt wurde.

Bei der Codex Writers Group handelt es sich im eine 2004 gegründete Online-Community von "active speculative fiction writers".
Der Fokus der Gruppe liegt bei Autoren, die in den ersten Stadien ihrer Karriere stecken. Dafür verwenden sie den Ausdruck "Neo-Pro", der sich so definiert: "writers who've had at least one professional publication and/or participated in one of the top by-audition-only workshops, but who have not yet sold a great many stories or a number of books."
Zu den auch in Deutschland bekannten Codexians gehören unter anderem Jim C. Hines, Diana Rowland und Ken Sholes.

Persönliche Favoriten:

Tiger-Lily - K. Bird Lincoln
Lily isn’t supposed to hunt in the Daimyo’s woods. She’s not supposed to talk to nobility or sing forbidden Jindo songs. But Lily was born in the year of the Tiger, and isn’t like other village girls. One day she stumbles on the Daimyo’s son, Ashikaga, wounded in the woods. When the Pretender Emperor’s soldiers arrive to threaten Ashikaga, Lily sings a forbidden song. The song wakes a powerful spirit – as well as Ashikaga’s interest. The prickly lord has hidden secrets of his own. He will stop at nothing to defeat the Pretender. Lily just wants to take care of her sisters. But as the Pretender’s forces near, Lily may have to defy the spirits themselves in order to keep safe all that she loves.

The Future, Imperfect: Six Dystopian Short Stories - Ruth Nestvold
Environmental changes — slow in some regions, catastrophic in others — have had a major effect on our world, not for the better. While water wars and pandemics have devastated the Mediterranean region, and a major earthquake and the resulting destruction of nuclear power plants and sensitive research facilities have made much of California a wasteland, corporate-sponsored enclaves defend themselves from the have-nots. What can any one individual do to make a difference is such a world? These are the stories both of those who tried and those who failed.

Scattered Among Strange Worlds - Aliette de Bodard
A collection of two thought-provoking science fiction short stories from the pen of British Science Fiction Association award-winner and Nebula and Hugo Award finalist Aliette de Bodard. Scattered Among Strange Worlds tackles issues of emigration, diaspora and loss of cultural values; and the threads of family that bind us strongly, even across the void of space ...

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