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Kurzinterview mit Stacia Kane (englisch)

Would you like to briefly introduce yourself? What kind of person should have in mind when the name "Stacia Kane" end?
Well, I hope the person readers have in mind is someone who writes good books! I've been writing seriously for about four years now. I was first published in erotic romance under a different pen name, but moved on to urban fantasy because it just
felt like a better fit for me; some of the things I wanted to say and the stories I wanted to tell didn't really fit genre romance very well.

My first urban fantasy was called PERSONAL DEMONS. It was the first in the Megan Chase/Demons series, and people really seemed to enjoy it, which was wonderful. Then I got the idea for UNHOLY GHOSTS (GEISTERFLUT; they changed the title for the German edition) and was so excited about it I literally started it the same night I finished the second Demons book. It just called to me, and I felt so deeply connected to it, so much more deeply than anything else I'd ever done. So it's been hugely exciting to see how much people are enjoying it so far.

I'm married and I have two little girls. I blog and have a Twitter feed, and love hearing from/talking to readers. I love readers; they're very important to me. So I try very hard to make sure everyone feels welcome to comment on the blog or reply to me on Twitter or whatever. Wherever I am online, I want it to be a fun and relaxing place where people accept each other for who they are.

Why should you read a lot as a writer?
There are so many reasons it's hard to only name a few, really. You should read first and foremost because nothing will teach you how to write better than reading. There are so many different elements that go into building a story. There's pacing and foreshadowing, knowing what to reveal and what to hide, and when to reveal the hidden things. There's the intermixing of subplots with main plots. All of those are things that just can't really be taught. They need to be learned by observing others do it.

Then of course there are basic writing skills. Reading expands your vocabulary and sparks your creativity. Reading can show you what's already been done and what's overdone. You learn basic grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

I honestly believe reading is the most important skill anyone can have. But for a writer it's especially important that you like and enjoy books. I think if you don't, not only can people tell, but how can you know what sorts of books people like to read, if you don't read any yourself?

Which book is the first you have ever read? Did it influence you in any way?
Oh, wow. The first book I ever remember reading was MISS NELSON IS MISSING, by Harry Allard. It's actually the book I taught myself to read with when I was four or so. I memorized it so well I could match up the words on the page with the ones in my head.

The story is about a very sweet teacher, Miss Nelson, who can't keep her class under control. One day a substitute shows up, a horrible woman named Miss Viola Swamp. She gets the kids under control, but they're all afraid of her, and miss Miss Nelson terribly. Of course Miss Nelson comes back, and the kids behave for her, and of course Miss nelson was really pretending to be Miss Viola Swamp to teach the kids a lesson.

I do think it influenced me, actually. I loved the mystery aspect of the story, when the kids go hunting for Miss Nelson. I loved the craftiness of Miss nelson's plan, and I absolutely adored the twist ending. I thought it was the coolest thing ever (hey, I was four!). Miss Viola Swamp was a pretty spooky, dark character, and I really liked that, too. So I definitely think there's some influence there, sure!

Which book/s are you reading currently and how do you like it/them?
Right now I'm actually reading a few books: Nigella Lawson's HOW TO BE A DOMESTIC GODDESS: Baking and the Art of Comfort Cooking, which I'm enjoying quite a bit, because I love Nigella's cookbooks. I'm also reading Kari Stewart's DEVIL IN THE DETAILS, which is a fantastic urban fantasy with a very cool male protagonist, and Shiloh Walker's HUNTER'S NEED, which is a great paranormal romance.

Is there a book you wouldn't like to get as a present under any circumstances? If that's the case, what's the reason for this dislike?
I honestly can't really think of one. I think even books which are distasteful or offensive can teach us something or warn us about something, and that's important. Of course that doesn't mean I wouldn't be offended or hurt if someone gave me a racist book or something, but what if I had to write a racist character one day? Maybe that book would come in handy. What if I met a racist person one day, and that book helped me understand them and know how to show them they were wrong, do you know what I mean? I'm a very curious sort of person and I love to learn things, even if they're unpleasant things. So I can't say any knowledge is knowledge I wouldn't like to have.

Do you have a favorite author? Which of his/her books do you like most?
I have quite a few actually! I love Andrew Vachss; he writes very dark detective/noir stories, and I think my favorite of those is FLOOD. I love Barbara Michaels (she also writes mysteries as Elizabeth Peters) and HOUSE OF MANY SHADOWS is definitely my favorite of hers, although I love pretty much all of her books. neil Gaiman's NEVERWHERE is way up on my list, and Stephen King's IT and THE STAND. Of course I love many of my friends' books: Caitlin Kittredge (her Black London books), Richelle Mead (the Georgina Kincaid books)...really any of my fellow members of the league of Reluctant Adults, which is a loose author group I belong to online. And I've recently found a mystery author named Tana French whose books are just amazing; her third just came out and I haven't read it yet, but the first was called IN THE WOODS and I loved it.

What ideas do revolve around in your head? Can you give us a glimpse of your next work?
Oh, too many ideas revolve around in my head! Right now I'm working on a YA (Young Adult) project actually, about a thief in a dystopian magic-ruled world, but one very different from the Downside world. It's also a bit of a historical as well. I'm very excited about it, but I try not to talk about my projects early on because I tend to lose my enthusiasm if I do.
And of course I have at least two more Downside books to write, which I'm thrilled about!

What do you think, what place has the (pocket) book still today or in future?
Hopefully it will always be important. I know ebooks are going to get bigger and more popular, but I love paper books and I don't want to see them disappear or become collector's items. What happens to people who can't afford ereaders, you know? Especially when there are no used bookstores anymore? Books are too important to me to want to see them stop being something anyone can find and own and enjoy. I really don't want to live in a world where books are scarce or reading is only for the wealthy.

"Geisterflut" von Stacia Kane erscheint im Februar 2011
In einer Welt, in der die Geister der Toten auferstehen und die Lebenden verfolgen, sind Geisterjäger sehr gefragt. Chess Putnam besitzt magische Kräfte und die Fähigkeit, Geister zu bannen. Ein Job, der ihren Lebensunterhalt sichert, aber nicht genug abwirft, um ihre Schulden bei dem Drogenboss Bump bezahlen zu können. Dieser zwingt Chess dazu, einen gefährlichen Auftrag anzunehmen. Ein Unbekannter bedient sich schwarzer Magie, um Dämonen zu beschwören und dunkle Energien zu entfesseln, die eine ganze Stadt vernichten könnten. Chess muss all ihre magischen Kräfte aufwenden, um dem Schuldigen auf die Spur zu kommen.

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